Customer KYC

With Micromuneem Microfinance Software, collect and save all the customer information and KYC details at a single place.

Loan Plan

Now you can create Loan Plans as per customer requirement. Set EMI collection on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, half month, monthly, yearly basis.

EMI Collection Report

Never miss a collection due to poor EMI collection report. Get updates on a daily basis and keep a track of the EMI due dates.

Mobile Access

You can easily access the Microfinance software anywhere with limited internet connection. Functions properly on any mobile phone.

Real-time data management

We provide a Cloud-based server for your microfinance software making it a robust, quick, & updated software. Manage your entries in real time.

Group Loan Disbursement

With the help of our Microfinance Software, distribute loans to the groups in an easier manner.

SMS Facility

SMS facility is embedded in our Microfinance software. Send conformational messages as per your requirement.

Multiple Branch

You can manage multiple branches of your Microfinance Company within a single Microfinance software.

Individual Loan Disbursement

Now you can disburse individual loans to your customers, track their EMI record and collection date.

Employee Details

All employees easily. Manage their KYC, salary distribution and set their microfinance software roles and permissions easily.

Software Working Time

For security purposes, you can set the office timing for your employees. They will be able to access the software during their allotted time only.

Loan Pre-Settlement

For members wanting to pre-settle loan amounts, or you have to pre-settle loans due to any reason, it can be done in Micromuneem Microfinance Software.

Special Access

With the help of Micromuneem Microfinance Software you can provide different roles and permissions based on the designation of your employees. Thus, you data is secured.

Easy Accounting

With the help of our Microfinance Software, your accounting will be made easy and you can focus purely on providing loan to the people. Voucher Entries are automatised depending upon the loan plan and emi collection.

One-touch data lookup

Get overall insights about your company’s daily, weekly & monthly loan disbursement, collection, new members addition, total balance, etc in a single click.

Collection Report

Get full collection report of installments and emi’s for all your branches.

Why MicroMuneem as your Microfinance Software?

MicroMuneem Microfinance loan management software is designed to streamline and automate the loan processes of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and organizations involved in microfinance.

Scalability and flexibility

MicroMuneem Loan management software adapts to the evolving needs of a lending institution. Whether you manage a small lending firm or a large financial institution, the software can scale to accommodate your growth.

Workflow automation

Automation of repetitive tasks like sending notifications, collecting payments, and generating loan documents saves time and resources for Microfinance Companies. This allows staff to focus on more value-added activities, such as customer service and relationship building.


While there is an initial investment in implementing MicroMuneem loan management software, the long-term benefits in terms of operational efficiency, reduced manual work, and risk mitigation leads to cost savings over time.